Custom Historic Estate Remodel Coral Gables


This estate was built by famed cuban Jorge Mas Canosa in the 60's. When the new owner and her designer started the remodel they were dead set on stained and polish concrete for the design. After the demo of several different types of old worn marble and tile they found the condition of the concrete foundation was not a candidate for polishing. It was full of trenches and damage from previous remodels that had been covered with over 2" of mud bed and tile. They contacted us for a solution to their problem. We decided to repair the existing slab and install a polishable self leveling overlay. The designer wanted the color to match the blue hue of stained glass, this presented quite the challenge. After 100's of samples and the help of our pigment supplier we were able to create a beautiful, uniquely blu concrete floor. The results are phenomenal and were featured on the cover of Polishing Contractor magazine, and received an award from the South Florida Construction Association.