The W Hotel South Beach Miami


This project came with huge challenges to overcome. The engineer was requesting to remove and replace the existing concrete. This would have been next impossible and costly to the lavish landscape as well as logistics. After much deliberation we decided to install white cement terrazzo with black terrazzo strips and white marble aggregate. In collaboration with OCD Flooring we brought in over 200,000 pounds of sand, cement and aggregate. The floor was prepped and all cracks were repaired, terrazzo strips were tediously placed on all the existing saw cuts. The terrazzo matrix was hand mixed and placed and wet cured for three weeks, then it was ground flat to expose the strips and aggregate. The terrazzo was then honed to remove all scratches and achieve a matte finish, and sealed with penetrating sealer. The result is pure South Beach elegance from the clean white terrazzo with the hard black lines to the perfectly precast drain grates. The hotel is very happy with the end result.